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AIS (Affordable Insurance Solutions)

Don't get stressed out over needing an SR22! AIS (Affordable Insurance Solutions) of Saint Joseph, MO will handle all the leg work for you - just call us and we can help. Our company is owned and operated by Clif and Kelly Logsdon. They have years of experience working with others, and the knowledge and resources to take care of your insurance needs no matter your situation.

Insurance Agent - Saint Joseph, MO - AIS (Affordable Insurance Solutions)

We are a one stop shop for:

  • SR22 with auto or motorcycle insurance
  • SR22 non-owners
  • Hardship or limited driving privilege
  • License reinstatements in 24 hours or less
  • Reinstatement fees / compliance letters / satop filing
  • Rates as low as $49.00 per month with SR22
  • E-signature, fax, or in person

SR22 insurance isn't expensive!! Some companies take advantage of the fact you have to have it and charge more than necessary.

We are appointed with 10 different insurance companies. This allows us to compare rates for you and insure you're getting the cheapest rate. We also recheck all 10 of those companies’ rates every 6 months to insure you get the cheapest rate all throughout!

Contact AIS (Affordable Insurance Solutions) today at 816-676-2886 and ask for owner / agent Clif Logsdon.

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AIS (Affordable Insurance Solutions)